About Us

No Surrender Gear is more than just a company. We are a mentality. A lifestyle. A movement. Our passion drives us to persevere, defy all odds, and come out victorious no matter the circumstances. We know that no goal is too small, and no dream is too big. But we also know that we are not the only ones who attack each day with such killer instincts. You do too. This is why we created the NSG brand: to express our collective "no surrender" mentality.

Each and every NSG item embodies that "no surrender" lifestyle, but we wanted to make sure we look good while doing it. In our pursuit of taking the path less traveled, our prints, gear, and jewelry provide unparalleled style that always kicks ass. It doesn't matter if you're out on the town or spending a night alone in the gym, No Surrender Gear is versatile and should be worn anywhere, anytime. 

We also take pride in the quality of products. Not only do we provide exemplary style, but we also provide top-notch quality unrivaled by any of our competitors. NSG jewelry is hand-crafted from only the most precious metals, and our athleisure apparel is personally designed and hand-printed by our team in-house. We truly believe that our attention to detail and the passion we put into our NSG products makes all the difference. 


"Don't give up. Never doubt. No Surrender."

- Your NSG Team